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The best art marketing tool?  Are you interested in having a short video made about you as an artist and your video? Call to discuss 416-756-1461 or

May 17, 2011, Toronto, Ontario ......  Call for exhibitors: Art For All Canada at BuskerFest 2011 - an outdoor summertime opportunity to show your art to thousands.

Call 416-756-3221 or email for details. 

May 7, 2011, Toronto, Ontario ......  Sheila Mitchell wins the "Best Landscape" Award from Don Valley Art Club, juried by Americo Del Col. and The Sylvia Framer Award; see video

Americo Del Col received his formal art training at Central Technical School when it was staffedby such illustrious instructors as Charles Goldhamer, Virginia Luz , Doris McCarthy and Robert Ross. After graduating in the early fifties Del Col spent the ensuing years as a graphic artist and art director, but always maintained his passion for painting. By 1972 fine art had become a much more focussed pursuit.  In 1980 Americo presented his first solo exhibition and was encouraged by the audience's response. It wasn't long after, that he gave up his job to concentrate on painting and teaching full time. This led to instructing adult watercolour classes with the North York Board of Education and selected private organizations. In 1995, he founded ‘Three Valleys Watercolour Workshops', teaching dynamic and inspiring workshops year round. He paints with watercolour but also with acrylic and mixed media. Del Col has participated in numerous solo and invitational exhibitions including the acclaimed CSPWC. His work is collected both nationally and abroad and can be found in private as well as corporate collections including Imperial Oil, First Canadian Capital Zurich Insurance and the Ontario Medical Association. He lives in Toronto with his wife, Mary.

March 5th, 2011, Toronto, Ontario... Art For All Canada produces, "The World's First Art Fashion Show " see short (3 minute) introductory video See full (10 minute) video

June 4th, 2010, Toronto, Ontario..... Sheila Mitchell wins first Urban Hero Award for Arts and Culture.

Sheila Mitchell was presented with the 2010 Urban Hero Award Winner trophy in recognition of her volunteer work and efforts on behalf of visual artists in this community. See online articles:


Thank you all for your kind messages :

I saw your photo in the North York Mirror, and the info about the above award, and congratulate you on this important recognition of what you do in the art field. I often think of the artists I know (at Willowdale Group of Artists, Toronto Watercolour Society, etc.) and wonder what interesting things they do with their art when they aren't at the meetings. You obviously keep very busy, and it is great that you are able to share your passion for art with so many people.
Marian Holmes.

Thank you for your dedication to Art and for your hard work to help us. I am glad that this award is a good recognition of your work. True in art, 
Ivo Arnaudov 

I wanted to congratulate you on winning the Urban Hero Award. It is well deserved. All the best,
Arlene Babad. 

Well done Sheila! Congratulations and much deserved.
Crystal Beshara.

We are so glad you won the Urban Hero award. You have done a lot of good things for all artists that you have come in contact with. All your hard work has paid off!   We are proud of you and keep your high level of excellence always! Best Wishes,
Jeff Bardeau and Carol Ryan.

Congratulations, Sheila Mitchell, Urban Hero,
Bruce Bushey.

Congratulations Sheila.  I finished my first Encaustic Painting after watching the demonstration at the convention. Thank you,
Josy Britton.

Congratulations, and well done, Sheila. Recognition well deserved!
Barbara Chappelle. 

Let me add my congratulations again - obviously well deserved.  I'm very happy to be involved in Art For All Canada, Inc.
Ruth Devor.

Congratulations on your Urban Hero appointment! Always nice to see people recognized for their time and contributions.
Susan Dimitrakopoulos, Scarborough Arts Council.

Congratulations on being our urban hero.That is awesome! Thanks from all of us for all you do!!
Helen Duplassie.

Congratulations on your award! It is truly well-deserved. You do so much to promote art and artists and it is wonderful to see it noticed and publicly acknowledged.
Sue Ennis.

It was great to hear about your award, you certainly deserve the recognition and acknowledgement for all the hard work and efforts you have put in over the years for the local arts community.  Enjoy the accolades and carry on with your great work!
Sharon Erlichman.

My congratulations on your award.  It is well deserved.  You do an incredible amount of work on behalf of all artists.  I wish you all the success possible. Jane Fick.

Congratulations Sheila on this recognition of your work and contributions to the exhibition of Canadian art!
Ruth Hartman.

Please give Sheila my congratulations for all her accomplishments. Well deserved!
Jennifer Hinrichs.

Congratulations Sheila.  Well done, there is much to be done helping artists get exposure, marketing their work and finding buyers. My own experience is that people want to see my work and talk to me and are thrilled that there is no Gallery commission or taxes.  Once again a well deserved award.
Margie Hunter Hoffman.

Congratulation on your achievement, winning the "Urban hero award". You deserved, you worked so hard.
Gigi Horvath.

Congratulations Sheila. It is nice to be recognized for your generous gifts of time and enthusiasm that benefit so many. 
Julia Kane

I wanted to thank both of you for the splendid opportunities that you have provided, as well as keeping us informed about tax issues and so much more.   Congratulations, you truly are an Urban Hero and so deserving of the title. 
Lynda Kelly.

I just would like to say "Congratulations" to you, Sheila. I am not familiar with Urban Hero award, but its honor looks great with a wonderful trophy. You look very happy. Congratulations again.
Henna Kim. 

Congratulations on your winning of that award and I wish you well.
Malcolm Leach.

CONGRATULATIONS Sheila on winning the Urban Hero Award in the Arts & Culture category for her work and efforts to help visual artists to develop and market their work. BRAVO!!!
Eva Lewarne.

Congratulations Sheila on your hard work! 
Claudette Losier.

Congratulations on your Urban Hero Award! It was great to learn that hard work in the arts is recognized. 
Alina Lloyd.

My congratulations to Sheila for her hard work!  You both did a great deal. All the best.
Soudabeh Majidi.

So happy to hear the news about your award, Sheila.  Although I have not used the facility of Rainbow Gallery as yet I appreciate all the work that you and your organization Art for All Canada have done to promote visual arts and artists in the Toronto area. Congratulations on your Urban Hero Award! Well-deserved!
Joan Levy Earle, Artist and Author

Congratulations to Sheila
Bea-Yeh E.

Congratulations, Sheila, thanks for your efforts - you earned this!
Camille Martin.

Sheila we are very proud of you, most impressive, way to go, a round of applause.
Quin  McColgan.

Very impressive and many congratulations on this award. It is indeed a handsome trophy and so well deserved. Its good to see this recognition going to you especially because your efforts and ideas are unique in their practical, hands-on helpfulness in offering artists alternative ways to go.
Eileen Menzel.

I just wanted to say congratulations to you Sheila for your well deserved award. The both of you do so much for us starving artists.
Dan Monaghan.

How wonderful, Sheila. Congratulations.  Had I known this was happening, I most certainly would have voted for Sheila.  She has done incredible work over the years for Art for All Canada. I take my hat off to her.
Sue Nelson.

Congratulations to Sheila, a Past President & current Executive Publicity Co-Ordinator for her achievement in winning the Urban Hero Award for achievement in the arts community. WELL DONE SHEILA.. 
John Nussbaum, Pres, NYVA.

Congratulation Sheila!
Ludwika Ogorzelec, France

Congratulations, Sheila.
Valorie Preston.

Thank you so much for the information. My heartfelt congratulations to you on winning the Urban Hero Award. You been working tirelessly and deserve the award.  Keep up the good work.
Bernice Rambert.

I also join to congratulate Sheila for that  important  award. One day  we will do some cultural activity  together, thank you. 
Luis Ramirez, Director of  Fundarte Latinoamerica.

I have just been informed of your prestigious award "Urban Hero".  Sincere congratulations - you most certainly deserve this award for all of the hard work you have done, and continue to do, for all artists. Well done!! 
Valerie Russell.

Congratulations to you dear,
Rivka Shomer.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful news.  Kindly say "CONGRATS!" to her, Alwyn!,
Josephine Tam.

CONGRATULATIONS ! Sheila.  Wow, you are awarded the Urban Hero award and we are so proud of you.  You truly deserve it.  Thanks a million for what you have done on our behalf.  Have a good summer.
Julia Cheng Van Dine.

Yes, I do join you in congratulating Sheila, who seems utterly tireless.  Well done, Sheila!
Pat Vicari.

BRAVO Sheila!!!
Sheila Victor.

What wonderful news!  Congratulations for well deserved recognition of your persistent efforts and work on behalf of artists.
Ed Yaghdjian.


Petition Letter sent on behalf of visual artists to Ontario Ministry of Revenue regarding HST tax:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Attn: Senior Policy Advisor ...
Office of the Honourable John Wilkinson
Minister of Revenue ...

Dear Sir,

Further to our recent discussions about how visual artists in Ontario will be affected by the new Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) which comes into effect on July 1st, 2010, I am writing on behalf of nearly 5,000 Ontario visual artists who are on our email communications list.

We hereby petition the Ontario government to increase its income threshold values for required HST taxation registration from the current level of $30,000 to at least $50,000 of income per year. Such an increase will bring allowance up-to-date and better reflect the realities of artist incomes in 2010 while produce a greater degree of fairness in the treatment of these small businesspersons whose opportunities for creativiity are hampered by the necessity of having to deal with the burden of record keeping and form filling for numerous small amounts.

We recognise that visual artists will still have the choice of registering for HST at any income level, however the obligation to do so should not start until artists for an income level of at least $50,000.

Yours in art,

Sheila J. Mitchell ...



April 8th, 2010

Tax Information for Visual Artists

On your behalf, AFAC will be sending the Ministry of Revenue a letter requesting that the tax collection threshold of annual sales for artists be raised from the current $30,000 to at least $50,000 to reduce the number of artists who may have to deal with this paperwork (see above).

Retail Sales Tax
Under the current Retail Sales Tax, Purchase Exemption Certificates (PECs) are completed by persons entitled to claim an exemption on the purchase of taxable goods and services. Examples are persons purchasing goods for the purpose of resale or a manufacturer buying production equipment.

Artists may buy exempt from RST items that are incorporated into “works of art” for sale such as paint, canvas, wood, pottery clay and like materials by issuing valid PECs to their suppliers.

Artists are required to charge, collect and remit RST on sales of works of art unless the purchaser is entitled to a conditional exemption.

An artist who creates “works of art” is not considered to be a manufacturer for retail sales tax purposes and is not eligible for the exemption for production equipment and processing materials. Therefore, artists must pay RST on their purchases of items such as brushes, easels, lighting equipment, etc.

Artists must also pay RST on other items such as computers, office supplies, furniture, telecommunications, etc. used in the course of their business.

Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)
Registered businesses selling taxable or zero-rated goods and services will be able claim input tax credits (ITCs) on their purchases, as under the federal GST, with limited exceptions. These credits would reimburse businesses for the tax they pay in the course of commercial activities. This approach would reduce business costs, most noticeably in sectors that use inputs that are taxable under the current RST system, and would support business investment.

Artists with sales under $30,000 per annum (small supplier) will not be required to register for the HST. They will not have to collect the HST on their sales but will not be entitled to ITCs on their purchases.

An artist who is a small supplier may voluntarily choose to register for the HST. In this case, an artist would collect HST on its sales and pay HST on its inputs. However, the artist would be entitled to claim an ITC on purchases of items used in his/her commercial activities such as paint, canvas, wood, pottery clay, brushes, easels, lighting equipment, computers, office supplies, furniture, telecommunications, etc.

Revenue Site

Qs & As (including whether a business needs to register for the GST)

Former rules around the RST

Additional personal benefits that artist may qualify for:

Additional benefits to businesses that artists may qualify for:

                            Art Show at The Scarborough Hospital  ~ a "thank you art show" to our AFAC Conference Volunteers"30th - May 11, 2010
   the following artists are showing their paintings:

 ~ Joanne Braganza ~ Jane Fick ~  Encarnita Gardner ~  Ann Katz ~  Soudabeh Majidi ~
~ Sheila Mitchell ~   Sue Nelson Jean Rodak Avril Siddle  ~

Attendee Comments about: Art For All Canada's 2nd annual Conference for artists, 6-7 March, 2010, Toronto.

I came home inspired and thinking about new ways to create. Lori K.

Thoroughly enjoyed the conference. Allen H.

The food, (selection and quality and quantity) was AMAZING! Just superb! Thank you! Tthe variety of sessions was very good and the location worked very well (easy to get to, parking close by) it was nice to have prizes and to have a goodie bag. Marion A.

Unfortunately I was ill for the second day - BUT I feel I got my money's worth even from just attending the first day. It was fabulous!! ... learned so much! Fantastic! Food was perfect thanks so much. Jane B.

Bigger and better extended to 2 days, lunch on site was great, convenient / time saving. On site product reps were of great value for first hand information. Linda T.

I greatly enjoyed the day at the AFAC conference, and found the exchanges with fellow artists most energizing. Keep up the good work. Ed. Y

Thank you for putting together an excellent conference weekend. What I've learned will be invaluable. Lauren F.

It was warm, welcoming, easy, casual informal, familiar. Carrying bag with goodies and prizes - very nice touch! Julita W.

Food was great and again easy COLORFUL and great variety! It was time well spent and i got my inspirations!!! I was painting Sunday evening and browsing internet to explore ideas and infos i got through the networking or from sessions. I love the initiative and enjoyed the conference very much! Thank you. Julita W.

The conference fufilled its promise in all respects as far as I'm concerned and I completely enjoyed myself in a total art talk place for 2 days I'm so glad I went. Eileen M.

This was a wonderful conference. Location - excellent. Catering - excellent I really enjoyed my time. Thank you for your hard work. Hilda H.

Thanks for an amazing conference, all the very best to you and Alwyn, you are one of the most amazing couples I know. Keep on doing what you are doing. Barbara A.

I like the conference very much. All speakers were very interesting. Olena B.

AFAC 2010 was a great experience, thanks Sheila & Alwyn. Bea-Yeh E.

Congratulations on a well-organized and interesting conference! Anne N.

Thank you for organizing the conference. It was very interesting to me. Magdalena R.

This summer join Art For All Canada at its Summertime 2010 indoor and outdoor art shows!
Show your art work indoors at the CNE (the 'Ex') Canada's largest show (1.3 million visitors) 20th August - 6th September 2010. (see who's exhibiting)

The Canadian National Exhibition - CNE
Our indoor location in the CNE, Canada's largest event, is in the Arts & Crafts building, near the west end of the event. For our second year at the CNE
our booth had doubled in size and we are sharing this space with almost 40 artists showing over 100 paintings, sculptures and other formed works of art to create an exciting, innovative art show for the many thousands of CNE visitors. Each day at least two artists will be on the booth to demonstrate their skill and talent. 

Buskerfest Toronto ~ Join us each year the last weekend of August for our outdoors art show at
Berczy Park, Front Street, (opposite Canadian Stage Theatre) beside the Main Entertainment Stage.
To view this year's artists who are exhibiting click on Buskerfest Toronto

Here's an example of one of our shade tents setup (outdoors only). We have just a few tents for rental.

If you are interested in showing your work to a large audience for a small fee contact or call (416) 756-3221. 


 Invitation to Host an Art Gallery 

I'd like to invite you to add an art gallery to your work place. It could be at no cost to your organization, too!

"Art For All Canada brings works of art to workplaces and public spaces".  See

We work with local artists and private / public sponsors to produce and maintain original art collections for display in workplaces for the pleasure of staff and visitors.

These art collections, which can vary in size and theme provide a changing supply of beautiful images to adorn selected walls / display cases.

Those interested in buying an object of art can contact the artist directly and save on commissions.

If you would like to be a supporter of the arts and are interested in having an art display at your organization please email: or Tel: (416) 756-3221 to discuss.


PRESS RELEASE - SoftMatchART launches new web site

Toronto, 4th March, 2008..... SoftMatchART is pleased to announce the launch of it's new web site at to help artists exhibit their work to audiences at the lowest cost.

The web site, designed in earthy brown and sky blue tones, lists the painters, sculptors, photographers and other visual artists who have already booked to exhibit their art since the SoftMatchART service was launched in January.

The web site already has it's artist / exhibition schedule stretching to 2009 with photos of each artist currently exhibiting and full contact details for each artist including links to their web sites.

Also, the new web site has listings of SoftMatchART marketing opportunities and Press announcements in the "In The News" section.

According to Sheila J. Mitchell, artist and curator at SoftMatchART, "Artists are always looking for places to show their work but often gallery space is hard to find or commission fees high. This service is great news for artists who want to get their work exhibited at modest cost.

"We only officially launched our service in January and artists are flocking to it... SoftMatchART is a "win-win" for both the artists who get their work in front of wider audiences and for those who host SoftMatchART collections and enjoy viewing beautiful images".

SoftMatchART charges no commissions to artists and arranges for their work to be seen and enjoyed by tens of thousands of people every month in business and public settings in the Toronto area.

For more information contact:

Sheila J Mitchell

VP and Curator of SoftMatchART

SoftMatchART - the lowest-cost, commission-free way to show and sell art.

Tel: 416-756-32221



P R E S S  R E L E A S E for Artists

Toronto, 14th January, 2008..... is pleased to announce the launch of it's innovative new service for artists: "SoftMatchART brings works of art to workplaces and public spaces".

The idea for this new and unique service comes from Sheila J.
Mitchell, artist and Vice President at where she has been in charge of IT event logistics since 1989. Sheila is in her 4th year as President of North York Visual Artists and is a member of various other art groups and associations in Toronto, Canada.

According to Sheila, "Artists are always looking for places to show their work but often gallery space is limited and commission fees too expensive. SoftMatchART charges no commissions to artists and arranges for their work to be seen and enjoyed in business and public settings.

"Our company has been matching buyers and sellers in business markets for 25 years and now we are providing artists with a much wider audience thanks to corporate sponsors who are delighted to host galleries in their workplaces and public spaces".

SoftMatch works with local artists to produce and maintain changing original art collections for display in sponsor workplaces for the pleasure of staff and visitors. These art collections, which can vary in size and theme, provide a continually changing supply of beautiful images to adorn selected walls or display cases.

Sheila says, "SoftMatchART is a "win-win" for both the artists who get their work in front of a wider audience and those who host SoftMatchArt collections and enjoy viewing beautiful images".


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Art for All Canada : bringing works of art to workplaces and public spaces.