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Who is eligible to apply for membership in Art For All Canada (AFAC)?
Anyone who is a visual artist in the disciplines of painting and drawing, or forming arts regardles of their location in the world.

Who should become a member?
Any artist who wants to be represented on this web site who may live a long way from Toronto, Canada or does not have enough time or works available to participate in AFAC art shows.

What are the benefits of membership?
* Be available to people who want to buy direct from the artist by having your name and a thumbnail image (.jpg) of one of your works listed on the AFAC web site and linked to your web site (or to your email address if you do not have a web site);
* Sell directly to buyers, set your own prices for your work and do not pay any gallery or sales commissions;
* You can be a member without participating in any AFAC art shows;
* Members are eligible for member-only email communications and membership discounts;
* Feel good about supporting a not-for-profit organization of artists that really supports artists.

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Art For All Canada (AFAC) Membership Application Form

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