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Months Rainbow Gallery is available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about The Rainbow Gallery.

There are 4 galleries: A, B, C for wall hung art and D + E for sculptures, formed art or smaller paintings. See photos of galleries.

How much does it cost to display my art?
Gallery A (visible from the street, too): $400 per month; 
Gallery B (next to Gallery A): $375 per month 
Gallery C (opposite Gallery B): $375 per month 
Gallery D +E (includes two showcases in concourse between galleries B and C): $350 per month   

Display. A 50% deposit must be paid at the time of booking and is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. Ask about discounts if booking for more than one month in a row.

How much commission do I have to pay? Nothing. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. We do NOT charge any commissions.

What do I get in return?
* Assistance and advice, if required, with hanging, arranging and removing your art;
* Exposure of your art and your contact information (both near your art and by having your business cards left at the cashier) to thousands of people for one month at a time;
* AFAC prepares and sends out on your behalf a detailed Press Release to notify over 100 online display listings and over 150 art reporters and journalists to notify them that your art is on show at the Rainbow display;
* Artist is Listed on the current exhibitions page of the AFAC web site - for the month(s) on display;
* Artist name is listed for one year on AFAC web site with a link to your web site; (we request that you link to our web site, too).
* NEW!!  Artists are filmed and featured together in a short, informal video which is uploaded to AFAC's YouTube Channel 
-  -  to introduce themselves and their work to these audiences; a great marketing promotion tool. Note: If you are interested in having a PERSONAL artist video (3+ minutes long) made, contact or call 416-756-3221  
* NEW!! Artist announcements and links to the video are posted to AFAC's pages on FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

What type of art may I exhibit? Galleries A, B and C are for paintings. Paintings MUST be READY TO HANG. Galleries D and E are for formed work / sculptures or small paintings.
How many paintings can I display? That depends upon the display you are in and the size and type of your works. In the case of galleries A and B each artist will have 108 square feet (approximately) to display their work; C has more height but has partitions between the panels that restrict the width of pieces to 33". For example in A, B and C you could display six large paintings measuring 6 feet by 3 feet; OR twelve medium sized measuring around 3 feet by 3 feet OR a mixture of different sizes depending on how much space you want to have around each work. The display sizes are as follows:

Display A – located on left, beside cashier, metal finish; 6 lockable glass panels measuring 18' long x 6' tall x 6"deep (108 sq. Ft.);

Display B - located on left after cashier, metal finish; 6 lockable glass panels measuring 18' long x 6' tall x 6" deep, (108 sq. Ft.);

Display C - located on right side of foyer, wooden finish; 6 lockable glass panels measuring 18' long x 7' tall x 6" deep, (126 sq. ft.) In each of the 6 panels art must not be wider than 33";

Display D - located in center of foyer between galleries A and C, close to cashier, wooden finish - locable hexagonal display for sculptures / fabric / formed art. Display case D is a 6-sided glass and wood cabinet with glass shelves that can be adjusted to suit works of varying heights from a couple of inches to about 18 inches. The display space about 48" in height and diameter 36". It has a solid wood base and could house several pieces up to 16" wide and up to 48" tall.

Display E: - located between Galleries B and C in front of display B, metal and glass finish – locable, shelved, upright square display 6 feet (72”) in height by 22” square (width). display E will accommodate formed works of art 38” in height on the lower shelf and up to 34” in height on the upper shelf.

How many people will see my art during any month it is on display? 10,000+ people who come to see the latest movies and to see the artworks. The audience is a wide cross section of the Toronto community especially from the relatively affluent, upscale, downtown St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood.

Where is AFAC's Rainbow display? Foyer of Rainbow Cinemas in Market Lane, 80 Front Street East, Toronto, opposite St. Lawrence Market.

For how long is my art displayed? It will be displayed for usually 30 days, approximately from 1st to 30th of each month although sometimes the "move-in" and "move-out" days can be on other dates.

Will my art be juried? Yes, we do examine work before accepting it for display. While we believe that beauty, and therefore art, is very much in the eye of the beholder, we need the address of a website where our panel can view your work online. If you do not have a website, then we will request electronic images of your work to be sent to us for review.

Does my work need to be framed? Yes, in the case of paintings, although canvases painted on the sides are acceptable.

Can I display my work for just a few days? No. Artists have to leave their work in the show for the whole 30 days.

Can I have more space to display my work? Artists may have additional displays at extra cost, if space is available.

Can I share my space with another artist? You may do so provided you tell AFAC who the other artist is at the time of deciding to share.

How do I identify my art? Each piece of your art must be labeled with the name of the art, the name, phone number and / or web site of the artist.

When do I bring my art in? You will be given a "move-in" date and time by AFAC Management.

Who hangs the art? You do, but assistance is available from AFAC staff if required.

How will art be hanged and fastened? Art pieces are fastened to chains with S-hooks and the doors to the display cases are locked.

Should I insure my art? All reasonable steps will be taken to prevent theft or damage but participating artists must sign a loss / damage waiver and may want to insure pieces that are highly valued. We recommend that you talk to your insurance broker about insuring your art if you consider it to be particularly valuable.

Will there be staff on site? There are always cinema staff around during the hours that the general public are on site.

Are there any price caps or can I decide on my own prices for my art? You should price your art at whatever price you think is best that will sell. You can afford to keep your prices LOWER than in other galleries because you do NOT need to cover the cost of paying sales commissions - since AFAC does NOT charge sales commissions to artists - or ANY kind of commissions.

How may I organize an opening Reception at Rainbow Cinemas? If you would like to have an ‘reception opening’ there is a room available to rent for $100 downstairs and it is booked by calling: 416 214-7006 ask to speak to the manager on duty. You may bring any food or drink that you would need without extra cost but if you are serving alcohol the Staff at Rainbow will assist in obtaining the liquor license.

How do I transact a sale with interested buyers?
When interested buyers contact you by phone or email, negotiate the sale with them as you would with any buyer whether over the phone, by email or in person. Selling over the phone or by email using a web site as a brochure or catalog may not be the strongest strategy but it is a popular and growing method of transacting sales and purchases for all kings of things, including art.

If you prefer, or believe it necessary, to do business in person, invite buyers to visit your studio or go visit them. Bring a portfolio of your work to them when you arrange to meet them to discuss the sale of (or hand over) the art that they want to buy.

Request payment however you want to accept it - by cash, money order, cheque or credit card. Paypal is popular - if you do not have one, consider setting up a Paypal account to receive payment by Paypal or credit card (Paypal processes any credit card, too). However you accept payment, make sure that it clears the bank before you hand over your art to the buyer.

Do you have any other questions not addressed here? Email questions to or call 416-756-3221


Having read the FAQ above and Terms and Conditions below, please complete the Application Form to book your space in AFAC's Rainbow Gallery display.

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After payment is received you will be contacted by email to confirm your booking. Thank You.

Art For All Canada's Rainbow Gallery display Application Form

By completing this Application Form you are offering to display your art in this gallery and, if accepted, promising to pay. Acceptance of your application creates a written contract as per the Terms and Conditions above.

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How to Apply to be accepted for this Art Show:
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Cancellation Policy:
No refunds are given for any cancellations nor are refunds given for "no-shows".



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1. I hereby apply to reserve Gallery display A or B or C area for display of large, medium or small sized art (paintings, photography, etc.) for one month and, if accepted, promise to pay the associated fees.




2. I hereby apply to reserve Gallery display D and E for display of small paintings or formed art (3-D in metal, glass, textile, etc. including sculptured art) for one month and, if accepted, promise to pay the associated fees.


Pay by Cheque:
*Mail Cheque (payable to Art For All Canada, Inc.) to:
AFAC, 32 Wellesbourne Cresent, Toronto, ON, Canada, M2H 1Y7

If paying by credit card / Paypal: after you register we will email you a request (invoice) to pay using secure Paypal servers.


Remember, you are contacted directly by interested buyers and
NO Sales Commissions are payable.

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Art For All Canada Rainbow Gallery display

TERMS and CONDITIONS OF AGREEMENT between Applicant (Exhibitor) and Art For All Canada,Inc (Event Management).

1. AGREEMENT: This Agreement, properly executed by Applicant (Exhibitor) shall, together with written acceptance by Event Management, constitute a valid and binding contract, allowing participation in this event.

2. NO CHARGE SERVICES: a) display cleaning and maintenance b) electricity supply.

Cancellation by Exhibitor: The Exhibitor shall be responsible for 100% of the total cost if they cancel at any time after their application is accepted. Management will not cancel space rented unless the Sponsor / Exhibitor cancels participation booking in writing and by telephone notification.

Cancellation by Event Management:
Event Management reserves the right to cancel space should payment not be received from the Exhibitor within the prescribed time frame. If Event Management should be prevented from holding the Event by any cause beyond its control or if it cannot permit the Exhibitor to occupy his rented space due to circumstances including, but not limited to: strike, fire, civil disobedience, inclement weather, lockout, acts of God, the Event Management will refund to the Exhibitor the amount paid by him/her less a proportionate share in relation to the other Exhibitors, of the total Event expenses incurred by Event Management to that date and the Event Management shall have no further obligation or liability to the Exhibitor.

4. LOSS OR DAMAGE: The Exhibitor will be liable for and will hold harmless from any loss or damage whatsoever occurring to or suffered by any person or company, including without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Exhibitor, other Exhibitors, Event Management, the owners of the display / Event building and their respective agents, servants and employees and members of the public attending the Event, either (a) on the said space of or (b) elsewhere. Event management shall not be responsible for loss or damage to persons, exhibits or decorations by fire, theft, or any other cause while in the Event building. Protection of Building Property: nothing shall be pasted on, tacked, nailed, screwed or otherwise attached to columns, walls, floors or other parts of the building or furniture. Exhibitors violating this regulation are expressly bound, at their expense, to repair any such damage which they may cause.

Liability Waiver: Artist elects to exhibit work in Art For All Canada Inc's galleries at own risk, understanding that Art For All Canada, it's agents including the display host (where your art is to be displayed) and it's representatives do not assume responsibility for loss, damage, or theft of artwork while in the possession of the display. While Art For All Canada galleries will exercise the same care of art as they do in the safekeeping of their own property, Art presented for display by Art For All Canada should either be covered by the artist's insurance or displayed at the artist's own risk.

Storage of ART: Art For All Canada galleries do not have storage space for exhibitor's work either before or after exhibitions. It is the artist's responsibility to know the exhibition schedule and to be present at the display at the appointed time to deliver or remove artist/owner work. Art storage will be charged at the rate of $100 per 30 days after which time the work may and will be disposed of as the Event Management sees fit.

Reproduction Waiver: Exhibitors hereby give the Art For All Canada permission to make and use photographic or digital copies of any work, produced by the artist, whether wholly or partly, in print based or digital media publications for purposes of: Promotion of the Art For All Canada galleries, Marketing/publicity Retention in the Visual Resources Collection (as a digital file). I understand that although I will not receive compensation in any form for use of my work, any such use will be acknowledged in caption credits and that the integrity of my work will be respected.

5. DEMONSTRATIONS: No demonstrations or solicitations shall be permitted outside the Exhibitor's assigned space, and no signs or placards may be displayed on persons or otherwise outside the assigned exhibit spaces.

6. COMPLIANCE: The Exhibitor assumes all responsibility for compliance with all pertinent ordinances regulations and codes of duly authorized local, provincial and federal governing bodies concerning fire, safety and health, together with the rules and regulations of the operators and / or owners of property where the Event is held.

7. OBJECTIONABLE CONDUCT: Management reserves the right at any time to reject, prohibit or remove exhibits or any part thereof and to expel exhibitors generally from the exhibits or the operation of exhibits, which may be objectionable to the participants and the Management. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, this paragraph applies to persons conduct or printed matter which may affect the Show generally.

8. SUBLET: Under no circumstances shall space be sublet without written permission of Management.

9. REMOVAL OF EXHIBIT: The Exhibitor agrees to remove his exhibit equipment from the Show building by the time and date advised by Event Management and that no displays may be dismantled or goods removed during Event hours.

10. MANAGEMENT: The Exhibitor further agrees that the rules, regulations and conditions of Event Management (AFAC / Art For All Canada, Inc.) are made a part of this contract and that said Exhibitor agrees to be bound by each and all of these rules and regulations, and that the Event Management shall have the full powers to interpret, amend and enforce all rules and regulations in the best interests of the Event.

Art For All Canada, Inc. (AFAC)
32 Wellesbourne Cresent, Suite C10
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2H 1Y7