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AFAC 2013 Conference and Art Show, March 2-3 at Metro Hall, Toronto

This event has been created to help visual artists (painters, sculptors, photographers) to develop, show and sell their work.

The 5th annual Art For All Canada (AFAC) Conference will be held Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March 2013 at Metro Hall, Toronto. The week-long Art Show will be held 2-9th March in the main floor Rotunda of Metro Hall, displaying work from dozens of artists to over 3,500 people who visit the building each week.

The Conference theme is "How to Become a More Successful Artist and Sell More of Your Work" and the agenda includes educational presentations and demos by successful artists and art experts as well as product and technique demonstrations.  Conference attendees will learn from successful artists and subject matter experts about the Business of Art and how they can become more successful as artists by learning how to identify better market opportunities, knowing what to produce, how to market more effectively. 

The theme of the Art Show is "Toronto, Ontario, Canada" and paintings, sculptures and photographs should feature or relate to "Toronto, Ontario, Canada".  

Who should attend / participate?

Visual Artists should attend this educational conference on 2-3 March, 2013. Detailed agenda

- The first 100 artists registered to attend the conference are entitled to show their works of art (up to 30"x30") in size, in the Art Show. Sales of art are commission-free.

Full, 2-day Conference Fee (including buffet lunches): only $225 (until January 31st) thereafter, $275. Register to attend.

Art Supplies manufacturers and retailers - this event is a perfect marketing opportunity for sponsoring  art supplies companies to show their latest products and reach artists by nominating a conference speaker / demonstrator and to display the latest products to our expected audience of over 100 artists (painters, sculptors, photographers). Request Sponsor package.

Art Gallery Owners - attend the art show for free and discover sample work from new artists.

Art publications - become a media sponsor and provide copies of your publication to our audience of artists. Request Media Sponsor package.

If you are interested in partnership opportunities and benefits associated with this conference which will help artists to continue their artistic development, improve their business skills and show and sell their work, please contact Sheila Mitchell at 416-756-3221 or

Ongoing Events:
Artists may display their work at The Rainbow Gallery   Tell us if you are interested.


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